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Bali is one of the world most famous tour destination island. Bali island offered the special uniqueness that olnly can be seen in Bali from it's culture, nature and Bali inhabitants's friendliness.
More tourists come to Bali to enjoy the culture, nature and its people. Mostly they used the service of a travel agent where all of their activities were arranged by the travel agent until the most trivial matter that are driver, guide, transport and the Bali tours.

However many guests are keen to find and enjoy Bali more personally, they want to seek an adventure of their own without being arranged where to go but also did not want to lose the feeling of comfort travelling in Bali. stood with the foundation to gain tourists who wanted privacy but also wanted to enjoy Bali in a personal and natural manner. provided Bali driver including tours, guide or driver that double as tour guide. Where driver that we provided are drivers that understand and knew Bali entirely and had the experiences as driver and tour guide for quite a long time as well as our drivers enjoyed their work as a driver and a guide for tourists.

Hiring a Bali driver instead of renting a car or driving on your own will add a significant level of comfort and pleasure to your holiday. Look no further as you have arrived at the right spot.

We are a proud resident of Bali and as your driver and guide in Bali, we would like to share with you the experience of the best places on the island of Bali. Some of our driver have been driving guests around Bali for 15 years so you will have an experienced driver who has been around everywhere as a tour guide and can show you the most remote and hidden places.

Flexibility provided guide tours to several places that were interesting to be visited with driver/tour guide that has experienced in their fields. Although we provided the guided tour package but our guest could arrange time and where the Bali tours he or she wants. All submitted to the guest desire. We here to serve!


Our Bali driver price is cheap or relatively reasonable price and always offer the best guided tours in Bali.

Tours Package provided package tours to the Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, Besakih Temple, Kintamani, Bedugul or to the shopping place like the village of sukawati and Ubud village. We also arrange the package of the picking up at the airport until the return back to airport.


We offered good quality of service because our driver understood our guest and will follow our guests wishes and do the best to make it happen. We will be your driver, your guide even your friend along the trips. Near far short or long time. No Problem!

Good Language

Most driver in Bali speaks english that is moderate enough so does our driver. Our driver will understood on what our guest requests or what our guest needs so any misunderstanding will not happen.

No hidden cost driver service is based on a flat tariff of IDR 450.000 per 8 hours with an extra IDR 40.000 per hour for the extra hours. Other tariffs are based on request. So the cost tours that our guest paid was just that no other cost will be charge and surely no hidden cost. A lot driver in Bali carried out dishonesty to the tourists and the tourists finally paid more of supposed to be but not us because we give priority to service that can last for a longer period.

Respect and Trustable

You can trust our drivers and guides. We will do everything for you to make your Bali tours more enjoyable and more relaxing than ever. We will bring our guest to the destination safely and right on time and in a correct manner.

We suggested Enjoy your holiday in Bali. Be Happy because we will be there for you!

Best Bali Tours

Kintamani Tour

Kintamani tourThe tour taking the center of Bali trips which start from the Batubulan village and goes to Tampak Siring, Kintamani and back to Ubud

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Rice Fields Tour

rice fields tourOne of the things which attract tourists to come to the island of Bali is the beautiful sight of its rice fields. The rice fields plantation in Bali is unique even in the world there is no rice fields plantation like the "Subak" of Bali.

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Bali Travel Tips

bali Travel TipsThe following list has been compiled to help you make the most of your travel in Bali. If you have any further concerns that are not mentioned here, please do not hesitate to contact us via E-mail with any questions or queries that you may have.

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Bali Adventure Tours

bali adventure tourVarious kind of adventure tours you can select for your adrenalin rush in Bali from rafting, water sports, diving, fishing and many others.

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