Tips For Bali Travel


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The island of Bali located in Indonesia between the most populated island of Java and less populated island of lombok. The island of Bali boast tropical weather all year round which is suitable for having sunny day vacation. When having a tour and travel to the island of Bali there several things to remember, but the point is always respectful and conservative because you are not at your home.

bali travelWhat to wear in Bali
In general the weather in Bali is hot and humid especially during the summer time. So it is recommended to wear a light clothing. Remember to packed sun glasses, a hat and also some sunblock because these are the essential things you need to bring to the island of Bali. It is essential also to follow local guide line when entering temple which required you to wear at least some sarong.

Safety consideration in Bali
Though the island of Bali is quite safe but you need to be caution and protect yourself against purse-snatchers and also pickpockets though it will be a rare case. To give you a better safety of your belongings, it is better to wear a money belt or a pouch on a string around your neck. Both of this will be concealed away from the public eyes.

Phone calls from Bali
Before having a phone call means you must do it on the hotel where you are staying which often times will overcharge you for long distance and international calls. Today some mobile providers have a program for travelers with easy access to their GSM network using temporary card. This will be up to value because you can bring your own mobile and get the card after you arrived in Bali.

That is some of the tips for visiting the island of Bali. If you need more information's then you can search on the internet for additional information. Enjoy your tour trips to the island of Bali.

Bali Adventure Tours

bali adventure tourVarious kind of adventure tours you can select for your adrenalin rush in Bali from rafting, water sports, diving, fishing and many others.

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Rice Fields Tour

rice fields tourOne of the things which attract tourists to come to the island of Bali is the beautiful sight of its rice fields. The rice fields plantation in Bali is unique even in the world there is no rice fields plantation like the "Subak" of Bali.

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Bali Travel Tips

bali Travel TipsThe following list has been compiled to help you make the most of your travel in Bali. If you have any further concerns that are not mentioned here, please do not hesitate to contact us via E-mail with any questions or queries that you may have.

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