Besakih Tour

Place of interest or stopover place of interest that can be visited on this tour.

Barong Dance in Batubulan
This is basically a story about th estruggle between good and evil. Good is personified by the Barong Keket, a strange fun loving creature in the shape of shaggy semi lion. Evil is represented by Rangda, a witch. Ultimately the two characters engage in battle at which point the Barong's keris bearing followers ruh into attack Rangda. The witch however uses her magical powers to turn the keris knives in upon their owners who fall into a trance and start trying to stab themselves. The Barong uses magic to protect his followers from the knives. In the end the Barong triumphs and Rangda retreats to recuperate her strength for the next encounter. All that remains is for a priest to help the keris dancers out of their trance with the help of a little holy water. The Barong and Rangda dance is a very powerful performance and is not taken lightly by those involved.

Batuan Village
Pawon: traditional kitchen and dining room, is very simple and natural as it uses traditional cooker and kitchenware. Though it is also served as dining room, but no chair or table inside. While eating, normally the Balinese only squat. Bale Delod: It is so called because it is built on the south (delod) end of the compound. The north and the west side of this building are open. It is a significant part of the house where life cycle religious ceremonies (e.g. birthday, tooth-filing, wedding) are performed and where the deceased "take a rest" prior to the cremation ceremony. Bale Dadya: which is a one door room located on the north (dadia) part of the compound. In the past, a young girl who was on her period for the first time was made to stay in the room until a special purification ceremony, usually after the third day, was held. Bale Dauh: which is so called because it is built on the west (dauh) end of the compound. It is used as a guest-house, and bedroom for all family member.

Besakih "The Mother Temple"
This temple is located on the slope of Mt. Agung, the highest mount in Bali. This temple is considered to be the holiest of all temples in Bali. For more than one thousand years this temple was enlarged many times into its present form. According to an old chronicle that in 1007 when Queen Mahendradatta - King Udayanas wife - died, a big and important ceremony took place here. This is an evidence that this temple is very old. And since 15th century it was the state temple of the Gelgel - Klungkung dynasty and they built some more small temples here.

Bukit Jambul
Bukit Jambul boasts its magnificent natural view, -beautiful rice field terraces with coconut plantations. Cloves plantation are lined on the left and right side of the road. And from the top of the hill the blue IndianOcean could be seen well. Here is the best place to have lunch at any international restaurant.

Kerta Gosa "Hall of Justice"
Kerta Ghosa. In the old history of Bali "Dewa Agung" - the title of king of Klungkung - was the highest of 8 local kings. As the seat of Dewa Agung, Klungkung hold a special place in history, culture, social and arts.

Goa Lawah "Bat Cave"
Goa Lawah which means "Bat Cave" is situated in Kusamba village, a fishermens village. There are thousands of bats hanging on the ceiling of the cave. And it is said that there is a big snake inside the cave living by eating the bats.


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