Denpasar City Tour

Place of interest or stopover place of interest that can be visited on this tour.

Pasar Badung Traditional Market
Denpasar means "north of Market". True to this name, the center of government in the old history of Bali was situated in the north part of the main traditional market Pasar Badung. The position of this market does not change until today, but only become bigger than before. It is situated on the both side of the Badung River, near the most crowded main street - the Gajah Mada St. Almost all the traders are women. For foreigners this is unique and special phenomenon. But to the Balinese, this is a normal circumstance as they have a principle of life that a house-wife must work to help her husband to look for money for a better life. And the easiest way to work is to trade. They sell all daily needs such as fruits, vegetables, meat, assortments of spices, yarns, hardware, baskets, or daily offerings.


Bali Museum
This museum is situated in the east part of the Puputan Badung square. It was built in 1932 by the Dutch Government which presents all Balinese arts from prehistoric until the early 20th century item from the Neolithic age, sarcophagus from the metal age, bronze from the golden age of Hindu and Buddhist kingdom, religious Hindu items, until woodcarving from this modern day.

Werdhi Budaya Art Center
Werdhi Budaya, Art Center. In the village of Abian Kapas (means cotton field) is situated the Bali Art Center named Werdi Budaya in which a permanent exhibition of modern Balinese painting and wood carving may be seen. Each year the Pesta Kesenian Bali - the Balinese Art Festival is held regularly here in the month of July and August. There is a large open stage to perform drama or music. Another small open stage is always used to perform the Kechak Dance or the other traditional dramas.

Visit the Palace of Pemecutan

The monument of Braja Sandhi at Renon.
Bali's largest monument, Bajra Sandi, is taking shape among new attractions for a the Denpasar city tour. Fifteen years in the making, the monument-or rather a temple-depicts aspects of Balinese history since the island was first inhabited by early man, the upright-walking pithecanthropus erectus.
Officially christened as Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat Bali-the Monument of Balinese Struggle-Bajra Sandi was built on open land with the nearest building 100 meters distance.

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